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UNIMAGE is a family-owned Quebec company that offers personalized service in making and distributing high-quality school uniforms to public institutions and private colleges in Quebec.

We specialize in creating unique collections of schoolwear and sportswear for your institution’s specific requirements. We seek to provide you with all the help you need for your purchases.

The flexibility of our approach after over twenty years of experience in education ensures ironclad reliability. With us, all your students are guaranteed to start and finish the school year in quality clothing that fits your institution’s brand identity.

Your students will be comfortable and able to devote themselves to their studies. They will also be proud to wear their school colours!

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Unimage is taking part in academic achievement

The relationship that unites UNIMAGE and each of its customers goes beyond a simple business relationship. By selecting UNIMAGE as your school uniform supplier, you’re choosing a partner. UNIMAGE supports its clientele’s development efforts.

UNIMAGEtakes it upon itself to support its customers’ various foundations. UNIMAGE also participates in its clientele’s various fundraising events (golf tournaments, benefit dinners and graduations).

To learn more about our partnerships or for more information about developing a clothing collection for your institution, please contact us at This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..


Your collection’s launch

Introducing a new supplier or launching a new collection is not a small matter, especially for administrations that often must justify their decisions to their parents. UNIMAGE therefore makes every effort to make it a smooth transition.

If desired, we can organize a fashion show with the educational institution that enables showcasing the new uniforms the students will wear. At the show, young people and parents can already start acquiring their new clothes.

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Why a uniform for your school?

Uniforms enable levelling social inequalities and putting all students on an equal footing. Certain students are sometimes excluded because they do not have the trendiest clothing. But uniforms prevent differentiating students based on the sole criterion of appearance. This enables erasing inequalities between students and allows them to focus more on the personality of their peers rather than their appearance.


Uniforms increase the sense of belonging and encourage inclusion.

Wearing uniforms promotes student integration; their clothing symbolizes this sense of belonging. Uniforms enable students to feel unified and proudly represent their institution.

Customer service

UNIMAGE's customer service is characterized by the following: :

  • Six very accessible stores/warehouses where each educational institution has its own space. Families pick up the delivery of their uniforms on-site where the alterations are made.
  • An accessible distribution network with a several stores located in Montérégie and Lanaudière schools
  • An inventory that prevents stock shortages
  • A team that is accessible year-round and dedicated to satisfying parents and young people

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