Clothing care

Please refer to the labels inside your garments for a complete list of care instructions.

Care for fabrics

Almost all our clothes can be machine washed and dried, but here are our suggestions for better results and a longer life span:

Remove clothes from the dryer immediately when the cycle is complete.

For dark colored clothes, it is suggested to put 1 tbsp of salt in the water to stabilize the color.

  • Skirts and pants: Hang to dry (do not iron).
  • Sweaters: Flat dry (to prevent pilling and excessive shrinking).
  • Ties: Dry clean only.

Customers should expect a shrinkage percentage for new clothing to avoid unpleasant surprises:

Take note that cotton shrinks. The more cotton there is, the more the garment will shrink.

  • Blouses, shirts, T-shirts and lab coats: 3% shrinkage (length)
  • Stretch pants: 5% shrinkage (length)
  • Skirts and pants : 0,5 % shrinkage (length)
  • Sweaters: 5–7% shrinkage (length), 3–4% shrinkage (width)
  • Sweatshirts and sweatpants: 7–9% shrinkage (length), 4–6% shrinkage (width)
  • Polos : 3-4 % shrinkage (length), 2 % shrinkage (width)
  • Piqué polo shirts: 5–7% shrinkage (length), 3–4% shrinkage (width)
  • T-shirts : 2-3 % shrinkage (length)
  • Sportswear (dazzle, mesh, nylon), regular pants and skirts: no risk of shrinkage


Our shoes are made of leather (inner and outer surfaces), which is more effective in regulating perspiration. However, they cannot stand up to everything. Students wear the shoes every day, and many put them through the wringer.

UNIMAGE’s guarantee only covers shoes if they are worn properly. Here are some tips for improved durability: Untie shoes before putting them on. Do not wear shoes in rain or snow. Do not wear shoes for sports. Treat with leather care products.

Any shoes with a manufacturing defect will be repaired or exchanged/reimbursed if necessary.

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