The company

With over twenty years of experience, UNIMAGE’s mission is to provide the best and finest schoolwear to private and public schools at affordable prices. By putting together a collection of clothing for each institution that fits their image, we dresses both young people and their educational institutions for success.

The flexibility of our approach after over twenty years of experience in education ensures ironclad reliability.

With UNIMAGE, all your students are guaranteed to start and finish the school year in quality clothing that fits your institution’s brand identity.

Our vision

UNIMAGE wants to become the undisputed leader in school uniforms in Quebec with the originality of its fashion design, quality of its manufacturing and excellence of its customer service.

We makes every effort to offer your institution fast, personalized service by providing you a collection that fits your image. We want to meet your institution’s needs and ensure you are completely satisfied.

A unique collection requires a lot of care and thoroughness, and that’s our specialty. As a result, we want to respond to all the situations that may arise during a school year.

Our values

  • Quality: designing and producing the best clothes while performing strict quality control.
  • Innovation: continually proposing new articles and cutting-edge fashion designs.
  • Reliability of service: never experiencing inventory shortages.
  • Flexibility: to the extent possible, never saying no to a customer’s production or distribution requests.
  • Service : offering smart, fast service that really meets the needs of institutional administrators and parents.
  • Honesty : The company is truly an open book with its administrative clients.
  • Recognition : supporting the efforts of its clientele.

proprietaires unimage

Dressing you for success!

UNIMAGE was born of our desire to offer your school quality clothing and unique collections. That is the commitment we make with each school administration that entrusts us with the task of dressing their students for success. And the school’s success!

We fulfill this commitment with customer service offered directly to the families that meets your expectations. Each of your students is guaranteed to start the school year and finish it comfortably dressed and able to devote themselves to their studies.

Your students take pride in their appearance. And you will be proud to see them represent your brand image. That is the promise of a responsible company. That is our commitment.

Sabrina and Enzo